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fredag den 17. januar 2014



First of all, yes I have been missing in action since November. I've had some personal stuff going on, and even though it is not all solved out, I am on the right track. More about that later, I just thought that if you have been wondering where I've been, I should let you know.

I left you with a promise of telling you about the awesome concert with Mindless Self Indulgence and The Red Paintings. I went to see them in November (well, yeah, that was what my last post was about), and I promised you details, pictures and videos. And I have not forgotten. So therefore I will now give it to you who have been waiting.

I have never taken such bad photos at a concert, maybe it was because that every time I tried to snap one, people were pushing or waving their mow-hawk in my face. More about that later. But here are the best of the worst:

The band warm up band was The Red Paintings. Now, I had never heard of them before I went to this concert, but I must say that they were a pleasant surprise. 

Here is their lead singer with his R2D2 back pack on and his samurai head piece.The whole band had that old Chinese/geisha wipe over them, which went well with their choices of instruments. There were rocking out on violins and cellos among the usual guitar, bass and drums. In the back ground you can see a small wheel. There was a hamster in that, and to be honest I could never figure out if it was real. I don't think it was, but it really looked like could be (here it needs to be mentioned that the band is actually very active in there support of animal rights).

Something the band also puts a lot of  effort in is to support local painters. For each of their shows they have local painters come and paint during their set. These two Danish girls were dressing in alien costumes while painting this amazing picture of the stage.

The finished product. All of the paintings are displayed on the band's website at

The bassist was this really cool and chill girl. She managed to get eye contact with the bunch of us who were standing in front of us several times and still keep her face plain. I have done something like that in some plays I have been in during the past years. It's hard, but it's fun when you can concentrate, because the person you are looking at gets somewhat uncomfortable.

The last song of their set was a cover of Mad World, which is a very slow song, and very heartbreaking song. The band managed to get into the core of the lyrics making it almost psychedelic. It was raw and now I can't stop singing it like they did that night. The song can't be found on Youtube in other than live performances or acoustic versions, which almost makes the whole experience so much more precious.

Then it was time for Mindless Self Indulgence. I have been a fan of that band for such a long time now, and Lyn-Z is one of my main role models, so when she stepped out on that stage it was so surreal for me. 

On stage there were (of cause) a lot of goofing around. Jimmy stopped the show after a song or two to tell the rules of the concert. It was hilarious. He said something like: "You can look at Steve and you can touch him. Go on touch his but. You can look at Lindsey, but you cannot touch her. Fingers off. You can't look at Kitty, and you can't touch her. Stop looking, you filthy animals. And you can look at me, all you want, while I touch my self". Let's just say that his hand went somewhere private after that. I am sure that this same thing has happened at every other show on the tour, but that didn't make it less funny. 

I don't know if it's anything to brag about, but yes, I got to touch Jimmy's sweaty hand and his sweaty ass. The ass thing was not in purpose, I swear! My hand was sort of just pushed toward his butt... What can I say :)

Now, I would have uploaded some videos here, but since I'm not a genius at computers, you have to manage without. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to upload my videos on here...

Hope you've had a great December with the Holidays and the New Years. See you soon hopefully :)

XOXO Emily

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