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søndag den 23. juni 2013

I saw Thirty Seconds to Mars live

And so, I am in a post-concert state of mind - meaning I am depressed, but burst into fangirl fits once i a while. It was Friday night in the Danish amusement park Tivoli. It was two very amazing hours. My friends and I arrived at three o'clock meaning we could pick our sport right in the middle in second row.

It was 7 long hours of waiting and then they finally got our on stage. They opened with the intro 'Birth' to their new album 'LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS' and the crowd went crazy. It really seemed like Jared was impressed by the (I guess) 3-4.000 people dancing and singing along to their songs. During 'Search and Destroy' Jared had to stop the song To say (and I quote) "This audience is fucking crazy"

They were shooting for a new Music video. I guess they will be doing something along the line with 'Closer to the Edge'. And after the concert they were interviewing some fans, asking them questions like 'What is lust to you?". I wasn't one those people, but I'm looking forward to the result. They were also shooting in Copenhagen city. In a place called 'Nyhavn' [New harbour]. It's a really nice place with afternoon bars and restaurants and really pretty and old buildings with the canal right next to it (Simple Plan filmed there as well when they were in Denmark).

So... Second row. That was close. A really great sight to the stage. The only thing wrong was this one woman (around 40 years old) who kept pushing and pushing. She wasn't from Denmark (we have better manners than that ;) ), no but whenever people asked her to stop pushing she just said that it wasn't her problem and she couldn't do anything about it. I understand that there was no room, but she literally pushed me backwards, so I almost fell. Luckily my best friend Laura was there to catch me :)

Here is a picture I took:
You see how close I was. It's not zoomed in or anything.

The band and the crew also took some pictures: you can actually see my friend on the first row in this one: 
This one is on the band's Instagram and facebook (and so on). My friend is in the white shirt in the middle :)

So to sum up: An amazing night, but with aching body parts and back problems from all the pushing.

XOXO Emily

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