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tirsdag den 28. maj 2013


...I'm gonna live forever.

So I went to see FAME this weekend. It was a "local" production, but when I say local, I mean that this group has a lot of sponsors to support them - so they are almost professional. I actually think it's a combination between amature theatre and a professional production. The actors, singers and dancers are all kids my age. I was actually given the opportunity to audition for this play. but decided to be in my school's production of The Lion King instead.

It was a really amazing performance and you could really see that they have been working since the fall.

I'm adding a link from one of their "teasers", instead of their actual show, because I couldn't find any of those. I know people recorded it on their phones, I sat right behind a woman who was doing that.

They are dancing to 'Hard Work' and 'Fame'. Enjoy:

Trommen's "teaser" of FAME!

And then just imagine that on the real stage, with the right lights and the right music and the real costumes.
I really enjoyed it. What did you think? Have you seen FAME on broadway or else where live? What is your favorite musical? Mine are still We Will Rock You and American Idiot.

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XOXO Emily

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