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Music isn't something you hear, it's something you feel. I like music because songs say what I can't.

tirsdag den 13. august 2013


Yes I am back again. Maybe some are wondering where the heck I've been, but I can tell you that I have a good reason for being gone this time.

I was in Africa.

No shit I actually was in Africa. Tanzania to be more exact. I was with my drama group on a tour through the country and we performed in different cities with this Tanzanian group; Ngoma Africa. Fun, fun, fun. But this is the reason I haven't updated for a loooooooooong time now.

Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Oh well but..... Okay the trip wasn't without sacrifice. We left the 2nd of July - THE SAME DAY GREEN DAY AND ALL TIME LOW CAME TO DENMARK. I had mixed feelings. I was so sad that I didn't get to see them live, but I was so excited to go to freaking Africa on tour. How many people will ever experience that? Not many.

So all summer I've been listening to Afro Jazz on humungus speakers which made the sound go all !"#z¤!!x%&/( and hurt your ears. Greeeeaaaaaaat, but you have no idea how nice it is to just relax with no music AT ALL WHAT SO EVER. But you know I can't go long without music, so that is why I'm gonna sign off with one of my favorite songs at the moment: 30 Seconds to Mars - City of Angels.


XOXO Emily

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