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mandag den 16. september 2013

30 Seconds to Mars is coming to Denmark again!!!!

Just found out today!

Tickets on sale from thursday. I am sure I will be in line for those!!!!

They will be playing at this stage near my school. It's actually kind of funny. The first day of school all the new students went to this stage to hear the dean and the senior board members talk, and all I could think about was how awesome it would be to have a concert in there. I was sitting on one of the crappiest seats, but it was still a really good view. And right when my train of thought went to the amazing concert in Tivoli a few months earlier, they played a video with Kings and Queens as the background music. Was I exited or what?

But anyways, as I was thinking of a 30STM concert in that exact room, little did I know that just 15 days later, I would find out that that will actually be happening. Funny how things turn out.

Hmm maybe I have some sort of superpower. Wouldn't that be cool? To be able to see the future or make things happen that haven't already happened.

So to sign off today I will be posting the exact same song that was played for me in that room, leading me to the thought of 30STM playing in there. Here you have it: Kings and Queens, enjoy:

XOXO Emily

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