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mandag den 30. september 2013

Danish RAP and Danish ROCK

September has been a month of live experiences. Two concerts and in all 23 artists.

Starting off with the rap, it was the 25th anniversary of Danish rap where a total of 21 of the biggest rap artist from Denmark performed at an almost completely full TIVOLI (same place 30STM had their concert in june). I went to this concert with some friends as a start of a tradition, because even though I'm not into the whole rap scene, this night was unforgettably cool. The lineup showed names as

I have got to say that these guys will bring the inner gangster out of you. You will be headbanging and throwing hand signs for a week - just saying.
The best part of the show was and will always be MC Einar. This man is epic, that is all there is to say about him. Even if you don't like rap, you can't help but feel a bit nostalgic when seeing him live. I remember analyzing one of his songs in a danish class in 8th grade (or somewhere around there).

And here are some of the (poorly taken) pictures from the concert.

Next we are moving to the most important part of this post. The Danish rock - because there are no doubts that the Danish ROCK kicks the Danish RAP's ass.

This concert also took place in TIVOLI, and it was the closing performance of the season we call Friday-Rock in TIVOLI. Through the summer TIVOLI books artists to perform every Friday, and this was the last one. It was actually a combination of two artists: VETO and THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA

I went there for my best friends 19th birthday, and we got to be in front row in the middle. Best view!
Now, I have never actually been listening to these two bands, but after this I will. Especially The Floor Is Made of Lava, who was the main act, was LEGENDARY.
Unfortunately it was their goodbye concert. They will be taking some time off, and maybe they won't come back. One can always hope that they will, because never have I seen such energy coming from four men up on one stage. It was amazing to be able to watch them at their best, but sadly I will not have that experience again.
When the concert was over, the night didn't end. A lot of the audience went home, but being a hardcore fan, one of my friends wanted to stay, just to see if anything happened.
And something did...
After a while we had gotten two of the setlists - one for Laura (my best friend) and one for one of the other girls. But it didn't end there. Laura got to go backstage with one other person. I wish it could have been me, but I have got to say, that she did deserve it. It was her birthday after all.

As for the two bands: VOTO is an electronic-rock band, which is something I haven't listened to a whole lot, but I thought it was cool.

VETO - You Are A Knife. This was one the the songs they played, and even though I didn't know the words, it wasn't too hard singing a long.

THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA is a good old rock band. Rock when it's best. They gave all what they had and the performance was amazing, did I already say that? Well, you need to hear it again. AMAZING.

THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA - A Place In The Sun. This was also on the setlist, and I thought that it was one of those special ones. You know that one song that is just magical. It was especially on that stage. The music video is a bit controversial, but it has a great message, watch it :)

THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA - Lost In The Woods was another song on the setlist, and another one of the special ones. Just imagine the crowd singing this with all their heart (me included). It is always such an amazing feeling when that happens whether you are in the crowd or up on stage (i can only imagine).

And to end off, I will add some of the pictures i took of this amazing band:

This guy was so cool. The whole concert through he has his cigarette in his mouth and his cap on backwards.

Official photo taken from the concert. Yep, that is me (leatherjacket) and my best friend (red hair).

The photo taken when Laura met the lead singer of The Floor Is Made of Lava backstage.

And as a little bonus comment, the lights of the concert were so cool. These pictures do not give it justice, but as Laura said "there are so many good photo-opportunities" (note: Laura wants to be a photographer, so she'll know stuff like that ;) ).

XOXO Emily

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