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onsdag den 4. juli 2012

American Idiot: The Musical

I've seen ALOT of musicals in my life, so I'm thinking about writing about that here on my blog.

I will start with my favorite of all time. American Idiot

Unfortunietly I haven't seen this live - only on YouTube. But it was still so good I can call it my favorite musical!!!! :D

If you didn't know: music is by Green Day. Do I need to say why I love this musical so much?

On YouTube I found two versions of it. One whole video, and one in parts.

I like the one in parts better because of the angle it's from. The long video is being filmed from the side, and you miss alot of the show. on the other hand, the recording is better in the long video (the hand is more steady).

Link to the long video:

Link to the video in parts:
Part 1 of 10
Part 2 of 10
Part 3 of 10
Part 4 of 10
Part 5 of 10
Part 6 of 10
Part 7 of 10
Part 8 of 10
Part 9 of 10
Part 10 of 10

I've told you in one of my former posts that I would love to be in a musical. This one would be it!!!! It has some awesome dance rutines and amazing choragraphy, that is at the same time hard, but simple. And it looks like so much fun to jump around on those stairs and whatnot.
I wish I could sing the girls in this musical... But oh well, my talent lies in another catagory.

Are you one of the lucky bastards I'm totally jeloux of because you have actually seen this live? If you are, please tell me about it. Tell me what it was like live. Did you see it when Billie Joe was playing St. Jimmy? That must have been crazy, right?
Leave a comment, also if you haven't seen the musical (then you can watch it here <3 )

XOXO Emily <3

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