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søndag den 1. juli 2012

We Are The In Crowd

This has been the greatest weekend in a long time. I'm serious :D Yesterday my best friend in the whole world came over to make twistbread over the little bonfire we have in our backyard. And even though tge bread turned out like complete fails it was so much fun to do. Then I did her nails and we listened to Panic! At The Disco's Live In Chicago CD <3

Today I went out with one of my other friends - one from my drama team - because we had to give out some flyers and do some advertising for a acting company/stage sompany thing. She was on high stilts, and let's just say that we are on at least 100 japanise tourists' photos now.

I wanna make this post about a band i really like: We Are The In Crowd. I haven't been a fan of them for very long, but lately I've just been hooked on their music. Then I followed them on Twitter, and guess what? They followed me back :D I'm so exited yaaaaaay.

So today I'll give you one of my favorite songs made by them. Enjoy :D :

Kiss Me Again feat. Alex Gaskarht (All Time Low)

They are so fucking cute <3 <3 <3 The whole video throuhg I'm like AAAAAWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!! CUUUUUTIIIIIEEEEEESSSS <3<3<3<3<3<3 Haha :D

Have a nice day, evening, night or what ever time is where you are ;)

XOXO Emily <3

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