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tirsdag den 3. juli 2012

Two months guys :D

Yup. Two months ago I started this blog, and I must say that it's been a blessing. I enjoy it so, so much. I've been having so much fun writing all my posts, listening to all the cool music and looking at all the lovely pictures. Since getting a blogspot account, I've been reading other's blogs too, and I enjoy seeing what other people's interrests are.

The reason I started my blog was that a friend of mine made one. It was about fashion, music, TV and basicly her life. She told me she wanted to keep it up, but it didn't last for very long. Then I was like: "Hey, I can keep it going. I can keep posting. That's no problem" and it hasn't been. Compare two months to two weeks ;)

I've been talking about my best friend Laura's blog sometimes on here. She got inspired by me and our friend, so she started her blog after a short while. She's been good at keeping posting. Her blog is mostly about pictures and YouTube. She's an amazing photografer, and I really hope that someday she will be able to live her dream of becoming a profesional one <3 I have faith in her.

Today was my brother's 25th birthday. I love my bro, even though he calls the music I listen to "music from satan". I don't think he hates it, I just think he hasn't listened to it and has an idea that ALL punk / rock music is about worshipping satan... Come on.

He does listen to Linkin Park though...

Today I've been with my grandmother. I called her at sunday asking if she was free so we could have some fun together. I do that every year in my summer vacation. I spend one whole day with her, and it makes her so happy. She told me she was having a little depression, but today and last night she didn't feel tired at all! She felt happy :D That really made my day.
We went to the city to eat lunch, and I had to find a costme for when I go to Iceland.

We are to be in some street parades with "the sea" as the theme, so I bought some blue stuff. I will probably post a picture of it later :)

This has really been a great day. I'm sorry if you hoped for a music filled post today - since you didn't get one yesterday!!!! - but I just really wanted to ramble about my life right now :D
(and you can't do anuthing about it. Haha)

Have a great day today or tomorrow (depemds on where you live, and what time it is)

XOXO Emily <3

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