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søndag den 18. november 2012


According to Wikipedia "Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace that has become an aphorism. It is popularly translated as 'seize the day' ". Just thought that people who didn't know that should know that.

I'm writing this because Green Day is stuck in my head. So that's nothing bad. It's from their new album "¡Uno!" and if you haven't guessed it already it's called "Carpe Diem". Surprise :D

Even though this album hasn't received the best critic, I still think it's good. When one of your favorite bands goes for one certain direction, you have to trust it's the right decision. Maybe they want something out of it, and maybe it will lead to something extraordinary. I don't see why a lot of Green Day fans are so disappointed with this album. I think it's a classic Green Day.
But maybe that's it. Maybe the fans don't think it's original enough. Yes I also think that some of the songs sounds A LOT like some of their earlier songs, but I liked them, so why shouldn't I like the new ones?

I hope you all had a great weekend.

XOXO Emily

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