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lørdag den 8. december 2012

3 new CD's

I spend money today even though I shouldn't. I have to save up for Christmas presents. But I went to the music store and there were these three little CD's calling for me. They we saying 'buy us, buy us. oh pretty please, buy us'. HOW COULD I RESIST THAT?!? But just so were are clear. If you hear a CD actually talking to you, you should get some help.
In my defense though, I had another CD to exchange so it only costed me like 4 dollars. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

You wanna know which CD's I bought. Oh well okay then.

The 1st one:
A legendary live performance by the Danish band Nephew. The album is called 07.07.07
Have anyone heard of the Danish festival. It's like the height of the year here in our little country.
This song is called Hospital (the same meaning of the word in english), and it's a featuring with the greatest Danish rapper L.O.C.

The 2nd one:
A 'Greatest Hits' by the Danish band Carpark North. they are really good. This song is called Save Me From Myself. Listen to it. I order you to do it.

The 3rd one:
You probably all know this one. It's a classic. X&Y by Coldplay. Now I have ALL of Coldplay's studio albums.

I think my collection of CD's is up on 55 now; which isn't that much I know, but it's still a fucking lot more than most people. Now with ITunes, Spotify, YouTube Download (not legal) and so on, it has almost become so rare to own an actual CD. I just know that nothin can discribe the feeling of when you open a CD for the first time and see the disc, and the credits, and the pictures, and the lyrics, and just know how much hard work there have been behind such a small thing. It's amazing. Call me sentimental and crazy (I do talk to CD remember?), but I just know that it makes me happy to own a CD.

XOXO Emily

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