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onsdag den 5. december 2012

HELL YEAH Kevin Smith!

I just spend the last 2 hours listening to this ah-ma-zing broadcast interview with Kevin Smith. He interviewed Gerard and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance and they talked about literally everything. As a fan I was enchanted throughout the whole show. I can't begin to explain how great this interview is. Watch it. I recommend it.

(and if you don't know who Kevin Smith is: Shame on you. Go look him up. I would say start on IMDB, then YouTube)

Kevin Smith's SModcast - Interview with Mikey and Gerard Way (My Chemical Bromance):

>>Listen to Kevin Smith have a playdate with Mikey & Gerard Way. You'll hear things about their past you've never heard before.
The episode, co-written by Gerard is called "Anti-Bats Are Go" and he describes it as "the Superman II version of The Aquabats." The episode features a thrashcore band called Asthma, and Mikey Way makes his acting debut playing the singer.The brothers also discuss the challenges of writing music after being on the road for an extended period of time and how that translated to 2010's Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, the their musical upbringings, including the music they listened to when they were young and their first bands: an instrumental metal band pronounced "Drakkora," a Rites Of Spring and Promise Ring-esque band, Raygun Jones, and a punk band called Nancy Drew.<<


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