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torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Between The Machine

Cool new band I heard. I think you should check them out. Great music that won't disapoint you :)

Here is what they write about them selves on their facebook page:


Our music can be called many things, some will call it Alternative Rock, Post Grunge, others call it Punk Rock, Emo Rock, etc. We call it ROCK. We get our inspiration from bands like Hoobastank and Foo Fighters, etc..
Between the Machine is the definition of a garage rock band!

The story begins on a cold december evening in 2008 in a damp basement with drummer Anders and guitarist Thomas. The damp basement walls and lack of light, gave plenty of inspiration for the two musicians.

The music was inspired by Nickelback, Staind and a hint of 80's cool guitar licks. A lot of songs was created, recorded, and last ...but not least, a lot of good music was played .

The day came when they had to say goodbye to their beloved cold and dark basement, but simultaneously say hello to an old garage near Holbaek.

The garage was quickly rebuilt and equipped for rehearsal room/studio, where all their dreams was to be unfold.

Shortly after they found out that, to develop this band they needed new and more power.
Thus, the tentative steps were taken towards what today is Between The Machine.

Here the magic begins to unfold when Rasmus the bassist and the singer Peter completes the band.
Thomas had known Rasmus and Peter from the past when he actually taught the two boys in how music should played. Here a friendship quickly was built up, and it was only natural that the students now should play along with their teacher.
 After trying several styles of music playing songs from Breaking Benjamin, Fall Out Boy, Goldfinger, Foo Fighters, Hoobastank and many others, they decided to become a Hoobastank Jam.

After 1 ½ years of cover songs, the band agreed that, it was time to create their own material.
Creativity must just layed there and waited for the real environment to unfold, and not before long there were 10 songs finished.

Soon gigs ware planned and from the end of september and rest of the year 2011, they played seven gigs at some of
Copenhagen's coolest venues.

The Music: The music is inspired by Hoobastank, Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars, spiced up with a guitarriffs that belongs in the 80s heavy period.

We believe that music in 2012, lacks the cool guitar solos, the tight beats, a bass you can feel in your chest, and a vocal where you have no other choice, than just feel the energy flow through one and let yourself be carried away in an ecstasy of joy and self satisfaction.

The lyrics are writen by all of us, and is inspired by various themes such as "This time it's me" that's about, how you own feelings have been set aside, but now it is time to think about yourself and show them who you are. "When two Became three", which deals with a family increase, the anxiety, panic and the joy it can bring.
"The pain is moving on", dealing with the inner psychological struggle that can occur in any persons mind, and never completely disappear.

Between the Machine's biggest strength is that we stand by what we play. Our honesty and sincerity, mixed with a humility that you only get by remembering that, that everything does'nt have to be mainstream, but it's about expression and emotion in the music and how it conveys to the audience.
Vocal - Peter Hansen
Bassist - Rasmus Rasmussen
Drums- Anders Petersen
Guitar - Thomas Winther
The band's interests:
Artists we like:
Dream Theater, Fall Out Boy, RED, Green Day, Linkin Park osv.
The band is from Denmark, so I'm a bit proud (haha not really, but it's kinda cool I think).
Link to facebok page:
Link to myspace page:
XOXO Emily <3

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