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torsdag den 28. juni 2012

My Chemical Romance: The Dead Mic

Time for another interview. On YouTube it's called "THE CUTEST MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE INTERVIEW YOU WILL EVER SEE ", and yeah, the title is kinda fitting :P

So... It's an interview by AP (Alternative Press) and it's (suprisingly enough) about the dead mic they have at their shows. If you don't know what a dead mic is, they tell you in the video.

And that is basicly what they talk about: What they use the dead mic for, and then a funny story or something involving the dead mic. Everyone in the band use, like, 30 seconds or so to tell their story, and in the end Mike Pedicone (former drummer) and James Dewees (keybords) tell their story. Now, James and Mike are not officially in My Chemical Romance, they play (played) with the band on stage (like Jason White who has been touruíng with Green day since 1999).

I think this interview is good because the guys really act like themselves. They goof around and they laugh, and there are no interviewers (or, of cause there is an interviewer, we just don't see or hear him/her).

My favorite part is when Ray (lead guitarist, curly afro-like hair) tells his story. Really funny :D

Any favorite interview or band you want me to check out? Don't be afraid to leave a comment :)

XOXO Emily <3

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