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søndag den 3. juni 2012

Top 50 (first 25)

Yup, this is the one month anniversary (if you wanna call it that) of my blog. I'm surprized I kept going for so long - and I've only missed like two days, and that only because I haven't been home :D

So what I'm gonna do today will be a little different. I'm gonna rewiev 50 of my favorite songs. I can't say that theese songs will always be my favorites, because it changes like everyday... :P
You know that feeling?

I'm gonna give you the first halv of the list today, and the rest tomorrow.

Okay lets start:

1.       Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back
- This song is my absolute favorite of the album Danger Days.

2.       Letterbomb
- This is the version from the musical. I actually like this one better than the original (sorry Billie Joe. Please don't hate on me).

3.       Too Much Too Soon
- Also from the musical. Amazing vocals!

4.       We Will Rock You
- A classic. If you don't know this song you've had an awfull childhood.

5.       This Is How I Disappear
- Just an amazing song. Good to sing along to.

6.       Over My Head
- The acoustic version is just better.

7.       Night Of The Hunter
- I never get tired of this song.

8.       Let It Go
- My favorite Cherri Bomb song.

9.       I Am The Walrus
- I keep singing that Koo-koo-ka-choo part, and everybody looks at me like I'm crazy :P

10.   Come Together
- Great lyrics.

11.   Famous Last Words
- One of my favorites from The Black Parade.

12.   Vow Populi
- This song just takes my breath away everytime. I loooove the choir - you really do feel like it's a battle song.

13.   Rooftop
- Just imagine this live. And I mean really live not just some shitty live recording. No, standing in the crowd, jumping up and down, sreaming your heart out with the band and all the other fans.

14.   Crawl
- My favorite song from Only By The Night

15.   Have A Nice Day
- Also an awesome song to sing along to.

16.   007 Is Also Gonna Die
- By the Danish band Nephew. Check it out - it's really cool!

17.   Breaking The Habit
- Also really good live - you know Road To Revolutin.

18.   Raw. Real.
- Yeeeeaaahh!!!!

19.   Sway
- Another song be Nephew. I keep changing my mind between this song and 007 Is Also Gonna Die. I don't know which one is better. Well right now I think it's 007.

20.   Always be
- This song always makes me smile and make me break out in dance (if there's room for it... I don't do it in the bus *caugh caugh*)

21.   Time Bomb
- This song is easy to get stuck on your mind.

22.   With Me
- I didn't know that my friend liked this band until she looked throug my IPod and started singing this song.

23.   The Middle
- Listen to the lyrics. They help if you feel down.

24.   Summer Paradise
- I chose the album version - the version with K'naan, NOT Sean Paul - because I simply like that one better.

25.   Northern Downpour
- Close your eyes and listen to the music => You are now relaxed.

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XOXO Emily <3

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