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Music isn't something you hear, it's something you feel. I like music because songs say what I can't.

lørdag den 16. juni 2012


I didn't post yesterday, did I? I'm sorry. The days are flowing by, and I don't know which day is what... I can't complaine though, I'm (sort of) relaxing at home, studying for my religion exam. Now, I have to tell you that religion is my least favorite subject (people who are following me on twitter will know that...) , not because of the subject, but because of the teacher. I'm not the only one in my class with this oppinion. The major part of us agrees that after ten minutes we are all lost. Our teacher explaines the homework so complicated that if you actually already understood it while reading the homework, you will not understand it when he explaines it to you the following day...

But this blog is not supposed to be me complaining about school - though it is rather nice to do so - it is about music (and if you haven't already figured that out, I must say you are a dumbass. You are probably really nice and all, but you are a dumbass...).

If I look at my calender - and yes, I have to do that - I can see that it is saturday, and I forgot music-video-Friday. Oh my!

I will give it to you now, I promise :D

I looooooooove this song. Smooth Criminal by this man himself -Michael Jackson!!!! You know it.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

This video is so simple, but soooooooooooooo brilliant made. I absolutly LOVE the dancing. It's kinda musical-like - just the way it should be! I love musicals - live, on TV, on the internet, EVERYTHING. I love everything about them. For a very long time now I've wanted to be in a musical. I can't sing - at least not very well, I know that - but I can dance. I'm kinda the dancer of my drama team.

It goes like this: You don't have to audition to be a part of the team, and every year at the end of the season we do a performance of a show we put together. The whole season we come up with ideas for this show. We create the charactors our self, so everyone can join in, and noone has to be a better actor, because the person you play is originally from your heart. You can form and create thit person however you want.
Of cause someone is better at performing and acting than others. And it is the people who comes up with the most useable ideas who gets the biggest parts.
But the good thing about it is that you can be good at anything, and your talent can be used.
We have musicians, singers, comedians (?), (more visable then others) actors, and (people like me) dancers. Last year I had a whole solo dance that I made up myself! That was big for me. Usually my drama teachers go to me, when we need a dance or a psysical act, so that is really cool :)

Of cause I'm not as good a dancer as Michael. I only dance in my sparetime, but I have been told by a professional dancer that I'm good. She asked me if I did any professional dancing and that she was impressed when she saw me dance ;)

But that's like two years ago...

So now I've told you about my drama team. Hope it left you a little interested. You can always ask me any questions if you want. I will always anwser :)

XOXO Emily <3

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