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mandag den 4. juni 2012

Top 50 (last 25)

Pew. I almost forgot to post this. I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and couldn't stop. Haha, that shit is just too hilarious :D

Okay so on with the list. I precent to you, the last 25 songs of my top 50 (of yesterday):

26.       It’s My Life
- Just too catchy not to be on my list

27.       Me Against The World
- Awesome song that kicks ass. Definietly one of my favorite Simple Plan songs.

28.       No One Knows
- I like this song better acoustic, but the studio version is also good. Check out the video too.

29.       I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
- Energetic song and fun to sing along to.

30.       This Song Saved My Life
- Everyone should know this feeling. When a song - no matter what - can make you feel better. Or when a band saves your life because their music is such an insperation. You know, Simple Plan asked their fans to send in lyrics for this song, telling them why they love the band so much, and they made this song out of the fans' words. It it also fans who are singing in the qhoir.

31       Work
- First sing I ever heard by Jimmy Eat World, and I lived it instantly - especially the chorus. It was with one of my dearest friends and we just looked at each other with the same expresion on our faces. That is a really great memory.

32.       Paper Plaines
- Like the original song, but this one is just more mee. It's on the album Punk Goes Pop 3, so there you go.

33       Bohemien Rapsody
- Who doesn't love this song?

34.       Shadow Of The Day
- Also really good live (Road To Revolution)

35.   Say You Like Me
- Awesome music video. Some day I'm gonna learn how to play this on my guitar.

36.   Planetary (GO!)
- I have posters on my wall (from KERRANG) from the shoot of this video.

37.   Alpha Dog
- Imagine a bunch of dancers doing a rutine for this song. I imagine it every time I listen to it.

38.   Brain Stew
- Great flow in Brain Stew, and I like that song better than Jaded. This video is of two song: Brain Stew (the slow part) and Jaded (the fast part in the end).

39.   Stairway To Heaven
- A classic. Also: Foo Fighters did a acoustic version of the song (I think when they just started out, but I'm not sure) and it's so funny because Dave keeps forgetting the lyrics.

40.   Song 2
- It has been said that everyone can make a cover of this song and get out of it pretty well. It's just one of those songs.

41.   Thanks For The Memories
- MONKIES! That's all I have to say.

42.   Under Pressure
- Did you know that it was actually a coincidence that David Bowie was in the recording studio when Queen was about to record this song? Talking about being on the right spot at the right time.

43.   Feel Good
- This song is great to listen to when you sit in the school bus too early in the morning. We The Kings also did a great cover of it.

44.   Young and the useless
- Paper Plaines was the song that got me to listen to This Century, and I just love this song now.

45.   Common People
- First time I heard this song was the cover by My Chemical Romance and I listened to this all summer long last year.

46.   Save Me From Myself
- Carpark North: A Danish band, and this is probably one of their biggest (if not the biggest single). Two years ago I had the chance to see them live, but I couldn't find any tickets :(

47.   Paradise
- Amasing video that maches the song.

48.   Falling
- have enyone seen Misfits? This is Iwan Rheon, the guy who plays Simon.

49.   Dance, Dance
- Sooooo much better than the demo, but of cause, that's meant to be.

50.   crushcrushcrush
- I tried to find this song in a special version - couldn't find it. It was this acoustic/piano, kinda slow version. It's beautiful, but this is good too. And if you think that Hayley Williams is not a good singer try listen to acapella versions of this song, and you will hear that she is a great singer.

So this was my top 50. You can send me your top whatever - it's alway cool to look at that kinda stuff.

XOXO Emily <3

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  1. Misfits!!?? Do you know that show?? :)

    1. Sweety I'm the one who told YOU about it...