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mandag den 11. juni 2012


I realizes that I forgot it was Friday last Friday - and to that you probably ask: HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU FORGET THAT IS IT FRIDAY, THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK?!? You see. I don't go to school right now. We had our last day of shcool some weeks ago, and now we have to study for our exsams at home. My final exsam is in 15 days... Oh God.

But to make up for the forgotten Friday, and for not posting yesterday, I give you one of my favorite music videos. It's 30 Seconds to Mars' Hurricane. And we can just face it; no matter how much effort you out into it, you will never make a better video than this one.


Me too.

It's not just a good story, it's fantasticly well made, great storyline, Jared Leto with no shirt on, great scenes, Jared Leto with no shirt on, amazing song, Jared Leto with no shirt on, awesome music, and oh god JARED LETO WITH NO FUCKING SHIRT ON!!!!!!!!!

The scene with the bondage thing. I don't know if I would be comfortable with that if it was me down on all four. I mean 1) I would be in good (beautiful) hands, but the whole bondage thing is so scary. I don't know how to explaine it...

Have you ever drooled over a picture of Jared's bare stomach? If you haven't something is seriously wrong with you - even you you are a streight guy. This is what girls want by the way. Mucles and no gross chest hair.

XOXO Emily <3

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