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fredag den 11. maj 2012

Cherri Bomb countdown: ALREADY DEAD

I am already dead. Really! I've been doing homework assingments ALL FREAKIN' DAY with one of my best friends. Of cause we can always find ways to make it more fun together, but still. BAH. I'm going to bed.

My brain is like a mashed potato right now.

Tuesday the album will be out. YAY! I don't think I can buy it in Denmark, but if  find it I will buy it instantly! You see, that's the problem with Denmark. YOU CAN'T FIND ANY DECENT MUSIC IN THE MUSIC STORES! But I won't give up. I will try and hunt down this album (or I could just buy it online).

Oh and by the way: go vote for Cherri Bomb:

And for the song. Here is Already Dead. Enjoy <3

Killed it, didn't it? ;-)

XOXO Emily <3

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