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Music isn't something you hear, it's something you feel. I like music because songs say what I can't.

fredag den 4. maj 2012


I was at my brother's house today for lunch. Him and his girlsfriend has just gotten some new kittens. They are sooooo cute and tiny :)

This song is by We The Kings. I saw them when they were in Denmark a couple af weeks ago. They were warming up for Simple Plan. I went there with my friend and it was one of the greatest nights ever. Actually she was the one who introduced me to We The Kings, and I was the one who introduced her to Simple Plan. Funny how things turn out sometimes. The only negative thing about that night was, when my friend cought one of the drumsticks, Travis (lead singer of We The Kings) threw out to the audience, and someone took it from her. Like right out of her hand. It was some douchebag who was standing behind us, but we didn't see who excatly it was.

I really loved it when the band tried to speak danish. It was clear that someone had tried (and tried is the key word here) to teach them some danish words. At one point Travis said that he wanted to fuck someone tonight in danish (and of cause everyone went crazy), but he said that he thought it meant 'Hi, my name is Travis'. Afterwards he called us all big fat liars. :D

Say You Like Me was (of cause) one of the songs on their playlist.

I really like the theme in this video. That videogame thing is awesome. They actually made an interactive version of the video. Yeah, you can choose any bandmember you want, and go through the video while you play the games. It's fucking cool, I love it <3

XOXO Emily <3

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