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tirsdag den 29. maj 2012

The Vampire Diaries and Jamie Lidell

Are any of you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? Or do you watch the show?
Well, have you noticed the poster on the wall in Elina's room? Jamie Lidell. At first I didn't know who the fuck he was, but I wanted to find out, since not knowing who he was and having to look at that poster every time a scene was shot in that room.

I haven't watch the whole show yet, so don't think you should give me spoilers <3

But, Jamie Lidell. I looked him up on YouTube and I found this:

It was the firs hit that came up when i looked up his name. My instant thought was WUT DA FUK?!?

I mean a horse... Really? But then I watched the whole vide and I was like: "Okay I get it now. STONED"

Of cause...

But the song is good. I think I'm gonna listen a little more to his music from now on.

So tell me; Do you listen to Jamie Lidell? Are you a fan? Am I slow because I didn't know who the fuck he was? Please leave a comment. Thank you :D

XOXO Emily <3

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