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torsdag den 17. maj 2012

Did you see it?

Cherri Bomb just performed at a live session :D Fuckin great hour man! YAEH! They seem so passionate about what they do, right from their music, to performing, to their fans, to their socks. Yes, that's right. A big part of the questions was about Nia's socks. Haha :D

Here are some pictures from the performences and the question-parts:
Rena <3

Julia and Rena during Shake The Ground

 Julia (I love her hair)

Miranda :D

 Nia and the socks. Yes, they were put on the drumsticks. She also put her jacket on the drum...

 Miranda and Nia rockin' it

Nia and Julia

The girls anwsering questions and talking about their favorite songs

Miranda <3

Rena XD My friend actually has a guitar (bass) like that

Julia and Rena <3

It was quit awesom. Nuf' said. Those girls kick ass. Just saying.

Were you watching? Did they anwser one of your questions? Leave a comment please :)

XOXO Emily <3

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