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fredag den 25. maj 2012


If you didn't know, Linkin Park made this amazing song. Really if you didn't know you must ave lived under a rock or something. It takes my breath away every time I hear it - with or without the music video. I have ALL of Linkin Park's albums, and this is my favorite song of all of them. Also on their live album Road To Revolution. I put it on repeat everytime I listen to it on my IPod.

Imagine living in a world like this. Kaos, riots... sadness.

I know that maybe (or maybe not) some of you knows how it is to live in a world like this. I don't. And I feel lucky for that. I can't quit imagine this kind of world. You see, in Denmark we don't much of this kind of stuff. Sure there has been riots, and the youth fighting against the systym. That's just how it should be. It just haven't as bad as in the video. A couple of years ago there was a rioteenst. The state wanted to tare down a building where many young people lived because the bouilding was owned by the church (or something). This conflict went on for a very long time, and was on the news on a dayly basis. In the end the building was destoyed, and - I don't know - maybe it was for the best. It was full of mull and dirt. It was actually unealthy for you to live in. Even so, the kids fought back. You know, to protect their home.

Argh. I have a bad headache. I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight.

XOXO Emily <3

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