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torsdag den 3. maj 2012


So I said i would post videos on Fridays (and I don't knoe if it's already Friday where you live) but it's still thursday in DK and since it's my first post that hasn't something to do with me (not that I'm selfish or anything, I just need a grand intro - just kidding) i figured i didn't really matter if I put one up now :)

So here you have it. Jesus Of Suburbia by Green Day:

I love this video! It's so different from other videos I've seen. I really like the scenes in the bathroom stall (okay, not so much the one where he cuts himself, but hey, it's a good scene, what can I say?)
Oh and another thing. I don't say that I do, but one might think that Jimmy is a little hot (okay I have a weak spot for boys with dark hair) :)

So i really, really, really like Green Day (no I love them). I have all their albums (okay almost. I still need the two live albums), and I can't wait for their next UNO! DOS! TRES! witch are THREE ALBUMS! I'm loving it (no McD. joke).

XOXO Emily <3

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