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onsdag den 30. maj 2012

Yes, I'm angry

...Because someone basicly just talked (or rather yelled) shit about me behind my back and then laughed. This person is suposed to be a friend to me, but I can see now that he clearly isn't.

Therefor this song:

I Fucking Hate You by Godsmack.

Not really my kind of music, but it's good for this situation. I never really get mad at people, and I NERVER EVER tell them if I don't like them. This guy just made me angry! I cried on my way home for God's sake - something I only do when I'm really upset.

So yeah, right now I really have nothing left for this guy. And I just wanna sleep, cuz' now I have a headache.

Fuck You...

(And I'm sorry to take it out on my readers, but I need to get this out)

XOXO Emily <3

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