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søndag den 27. maj 2012


Best magazine in the world! I love it. I love the articals, the pictures, the posters - everything about it <3

The only problem is that since it's a brittish magazine, you can't buy it many places in Denmark. But a few places actually sell them. Now, because of the transportation af the magazines, they cost so much. In the UK they cost about 2 pounds and in Denmark they cost about 60-80 DKK (danish valuta). That's like 6-8 pounds for one magazine :o

But because I just have to have the magazine I sometimes get my father to buy it for me <3

The point of this post is to tell you guys that I'll be doing a Kerrang review serie. YAY :D I will take one of my magazines and tell you about it.

What are your favorite magazine? Do you even read magazines? Do you read Kerrang like me? Please leave a comment :)

XOXO Emily <3

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